Hi! I'm Kelly, your photographer.

Born and raised in sunny Central Florida, I've always been
"the one with the camera," taking photos of the people and the nature around me, w
aking up early for sunrises and bird watching, and patiently awaiting sunsets.

I graduated from college with a B.A. in broadcast, print, and online media (and a minor in Spanish), exploring creative freedom throughout my journalistic and artistic work.

I've worked on portraits, video interviews, creative night photography, assembled professional creations from screenshots in our now-virtual world, and more.

Now, I help people from individuals to small business owners to large corporations tell their stories through stunning photos in natural light for print newspapers, magazines,
 digital content. 

My work ranges from fun, lifestyle portraits to sleek product shots with a white or transparent background,
to professional headshots and beyond.

Photos take us back to our most important moments.
Like a song, a photo encompasses a memory, an emotion,
a period in our lives.

We might get so caught up in our everyday routine that
we forget to stop and take a look around.
I created Sunshine Photography to help slow down time so you, your loved ones, and your business can shine.

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